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Thank you for taking time to find out about us. It'll be worth it!

There is no reason for seriously enjoyable wine to cost as much as it does. In the U.S., most of the price of a bottle of wine goes to promotion and distribution. Typically, a $10 bottle of wine costs $3 to make. The winery tacks on $1 to pay reps to push the distribution system. The distributor takes $2.70 and the retailer takes $3.30. It's worse in a restaurant -- you're lucky if 10% of what you pay for goes to grapes and winemaking.

So we thought: "Let's make a little bit of terrific wine without budgeting anything for promotion, simply distribution to a few savvy retailers who aren't greedy, cut the price in half, and see how many people will find out about it and tell their friends." If you do the work to find us, we can charge less. A lot less.

These are seriously good wines, made in classic styles for the progressive, hip consumer who appreciates honesty and humor. We forge long-term partnerships with top growers in unfashionable areas, and employ the same winemaking skills and personal attention which have made our first label some of the most sought-after wines in the world. We love making beautiful wine, and we hate selling it to the unappreciative. So we make just enough wine for sensible production economies, but little enough that we know it will all sell without a push.

Our internet site isn't a discount program. If you can get them, wines are cheaper to purchase locally, and we will usually direct you to local retailers. But the wines are such great values that if there is no local distribution and you have to pay shipping, CheapSkate may still be the best value you can buy.
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Clark Smith

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