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CheapSkate Package Design

Our WineSmith wines present a simple, elegant die cut label featuring an antique bottle design and a classic French blood red Scrooge-cap. The WineSmith logo is a yin and yang: a whimsical cat (symbolizing Bacchanalian joy and whimsy) dancing on an anvil (symbolizing hard work and artisanship) in an embossed gold foil lozenge.

For Cheapskate, we spent $1 to print a color Xerox of the cat, and replaced the anvil with a skateboard (symbolizing whoopee). To save production costs, the die cut is simply printed on a square black background. The French beeswax is replaced by a classic French blood red screwcap, both cheap and hip. The wine is bottled in some elegant antique green punted screwcap glass we found on sale.

Why Does CheapSkate Get Screwed?

Many of you hipsters out there in wine buff land are already aware that winemakers, after twenty years of research and hand-wringing, are beginning to give up on corks. The problem is occasional moldy flavor pick-up, which causes about one bottle per case to taste sub-par. Many marketing departments have held firm that the Disney image of the popping cork is more important than how the wine tastes. In other words, dear consumer, they think youâre too dumb to grasp the truth and too inattentive to notice bad wine.

Certain courageous winemakers have taken the plunge anyway, an act of faith that better wine will triumph. Chief among them is my hero, Randall Grahm of Bonnydoon, who writes on the subject with great eloquence at

Over half of New Zealand's wine is now in screwcap, and they have published an excellent and informative site on the subject.