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CheapSkate Philiosopy

Most brands near in price to CheapSkate are poor versions of commodity wines meant to address the "followers" and "trend-conscious" $7 15 middle market. CheapSkate is emphatically not trying to appeal to this faint-hearted throng. CheapSkate is a very high quality sustainable fashion-unconscious brand geared to the appreciation of people with brains and good palates. Our goal is simple -- to make the best wine values in the world.

CheapSkate is the second label for the tiny prestige brand WineSmith, available at top restaurants and retailers, principally in Manhattan. We Smiths offer you skillfully crafted wines that explore traditions outside the mainstream. WineSmith '99 Crucible delivers a real "opera in the bottle" for occasions which merit the finest wine money can buy. It's a bargain in its own right -- $100 is not bad for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, maybe the best wine you'll ever taste.

But you don't drink a bottle like Crucible every day we only make 90 cases. Ben Franklin said that "wine is proof that God loves us and desires us to be happy." In today's world, people need that proof each and every evening. Now there's CheapSkate -- beautiful, affordable wines for the daily table of the deserving impoverished and the savvy rich.

Like WineSmith, CheapSkate is an inherently small brand which doesn't want to grow very much or very fast. Growth is expensive! Part of our strategy is to take advantage of the lower taxes afforded to small wineries

The principles guiding CheapSkate's management are:

  1. Make only stunningly good wine
  2. Outrageous value.
  3. Targets progressive consumers and leaders through humor and honesty.
  4. Use 1 -3 to break the rules: Make a wine so good and so much fun that it sells itself. Provide a steaming-hot deal up front. Then draw the line. No special deals or discounts. Five-case minimum purchases by wholesale accounts. Retail sales by the case only.
  5. In winemaking, it's cheaper to do it the smart way. As winemakers, practice finding our inner Cheapskate. Ask "Why isn't this less?" Smart, cheap packaging, scrooge-caps, lots of thought and work spent on pinching pennies.
  6. Foster long term relationships with growers in unfashionable areas who are dedicated to quality. Fancy appellations means you pay more for the same quality. CheapSkates can't afford that!